Bournemouth Railway Club Trust Charity No 1117306

To provide an educational resource for the benefit of the general public by acquiring and preserving historic material relating to railways and without prejudice to the generality of such object: 1. To take charge of and hold the existing historic collection of railway-related photographs, paper and artefacts held by the Bournemouth railway club (which with any additions thereto is hereinafter called "the collection"); 2. To accept by gift or otherwise acquire as additions to the collection such historic material relating to railways as the trustees may decide; 3. To house, conserve, catalogue and safeguard the collection; 4. To make the collection available for study by members of the public by such arrangements designed to meet the demand therefore as can reasonably be provided within the personal and financial resources of the charity; and 5. To make copies of photographs and other appropriate material held in the collection available for purchase by the public.
W.H.C. Kelland C.B.E. This large and unique Collection of photographs and negatives, together with extensive logbooks of railway journeys, named after Walter Harold Casmir Kelland C.B.E., was bequeathed to the Bournemouth Railway Club after his death in 1966. Some of the negatives are on glass, and others on early photographic film, which have suffered from deterioration due to chemical and atmospheric changes. However, the Club, and the Collection Curator, Mike Smith, feel that it is important to retain the whole of this irreplaceable wealth of railway history, and restoration work is being carried out to improve print quality, whenever finances permit. The Collection, the majority of which is a world wide record of Locomotives, has been comprehensively listed using new technology, which has enabled the Catalogue to be updated with the addition of many new photographs, Print Details can be found in the four books of the Catalogue, see Photographic Catalogues.